Empowering apps with rich messaging.

Empowering apps with rich messaging.

A flexible, plug&play toolkit, complete with SDK, API, back-end, cloud infrastructure and analytics that can be integrated into any other app (mobile apps, desktop apps, web apps, tv apps, etc.) to enrich it with instant messaging functionalities.


What can you build with VMSme toolkit?

Integrate our SDK into your Project with just few lines of code and..

Enrich your App

Bring together your app community!
In just few lines of code you will integrate our SDK in your app,
and your users will have a full-featured chat!

Create a brand New App

Develop your messaging APP with VMSme technology,
users will communicate amongst themselves
in just one tap.


All the functions of the messaging apps with the best
voice messaging experience

Group Messaging




Push Notification

One Tap says it all.

Patent pending innovation

Send voice messages,
directly from your contact list,
in one single smooth movement.





How embedding this tool in your app can improve your business:


Users, and the value of their interactions, are kept inside the contents’ mother-platform, instead
of being dispersed into social networks or third-party services.


Invitations to join conversations, sent to those who don’t have the app yet, guarantee an exponential and organic growth of the user base.


New opportunities for expression and interaction: free, spontaneous
and immediate, both among users and with the company. On the
commercial side, it also opens up new advertising opportunities.

Statistics and Data

Admins have access to user-interaction data, in order to generate quantitative and qualitative
analysis, so they can customize the offering of content and advertising.
It also opens up new opportunities for sentiment analysis and trend prediction.

Social engagement

The debate between messages and audio-posts generates buzz and extends the life of the app
content, especially in the case of live events, such as sport games.

User experience

The mix of ‘content-messaging’ guarantees users a stimulating and immersive experience, all in a simple and intuitive way: a
single tap to share an audio-post, without screen staking.

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