Enterprise messaging made easy, confidential and integrated.

Enterprise messaging made easy, confidential and integrated

Android, iOS & web app: installed on the enterprise’s servers, designed for the enterprise’s needs.


No more leaks nor headache
in the communication among colleagues


Installed on the enterprise’s servers
and integrable in intranet, CRM and other softwares





Auto-sync of the company's contacts

With LDAP and Active Directory the contacts of your company are organized in a contact list to reach your colleagues rapidly.

Broadcast messages

One message to reach the entire workforce and inform everyone at the same time.

Private/open thematic chats

Chat with your colleagues in private or open thematic chat rooms for a simple and smart co-working.

Message priority and special alerts

Set high priority to your message to make it appear at the top of the messages, either in the chat lists or in the group chats.

Temporary and 007-like chats, or with blackbox

Chat privately with your colleagues to convey important information, being sure it is all secured and confidential, only between you.

User experience

Fully customizable and intuitive to use: send text/voice messages in one tap, share files and position to instantly communicate what you want and save your time.