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6 good reasons to invest


Limelights of the telcos

VMSme benefits from the special status of pre-approved vendor of Telecom Italia, being a successful team of the TIM #WCAP Accelerator. Collaboration negotiations with mayor telcos and TV broadcasters are ongoing.

Top-level team

The VMSme team is the perfect mix of young professionals and experienced executives, supported by the investors’ business networks.

Brilliant Intellectual Property

The exclusive user experience of VMSme is covered by specific patent pending applications. The efforts in R&D bring always new products and values to the company.


Booming market trends

The phenomenal growth of messaging is showing that this branch of communications is now the everyday habit of the Internet, with metrics leading to to highly protitable monetization opportunities.

Innovation & specialization

VMSme is the product specialist of voice messaging: building time-saving, user-friendly, community-centered communication solutions is the core focus of the company.

Awards & accomplishments

VMSme has won relevant prizes, such as the TechGarage competition and the scholarships of the Mind The Bridge Startup School. The company has been selected by three accelerators across Europe before finally joining the TIM #WCAP program.

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